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Share your referral link and get 3.3% of each order of an invited user!

+ Get a 1.5% reward for every successful order on an invited channel!

Unlock unlimited earning potential by joining the Telega.io affiliate program today!

Why partner with Telega.io

  • Easy to join

    Promote Telega.io anywhere via your referral link, or use our pre-made banners, and more. Access your referral link in your account's "Affiliate Program" section, available immediately after registering. You can place this link on websites, forums, and social networks; add it to a video description or just share it with friends.
  • Recurrent affiliate rewards

    You receive a fixed affiliate reward of 3.3%with each successful ad purchase on Telega.io and 1.5% for each ad in the channel you invite. Example: A new user signs up on Telega.io using your affiliate link. They decide to place ads on various Telegram channels and pay $2,000 for all purchased placements. In this case, your reward is $78 ($2,000*0.033). Or you invite the owner of a Telegram channel, and they sell $2000-$3000 worth of ads every month; in this case, you get$30-$45 every month.
  • Unique Product

    In February 2023 Telegram broke the mark of 750 million active Telegram users. These new users come from across the globe – 35% from Asia, 27% from Europe, 24% from Latin America, and 8% from MENA. Be the first to spread the word about the advertising opportunities on Telega.io and reap all the benefits.
  • Get paid in a convenient way

    You can withdraw the reward to your credit card, via Payeer, Bank Transfer, or Crypto. The minimum withdrawal amount is just $20. You can also use these funds to pay advertisers on Telega.io.

Join the Telega.io affiliate program!

  • Sign up to Telega.io

    Join hundreds of creators, publishers and bloggers earning with the Telega.io Affiliate Program.
  • Recommend

    Share information about Telega.io Telegram Ad Exchange among your audience and friends.
  • Earn

    Earn up to 3.3%from each order!

Example of our AffiliatePartners' Content

wc1YouTube Video

You can make a YouTube video about our service

wc1Article or Link

You can add a link to Telega.io in your articles

wc1YouTube Video

You can create a YouTube video guide how to use Telega.io

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

You receive a fixed commission of 3.3% with each client's successful ad purchase on the Ad Exchange. And a 1.5% reward for every successful order on an invited channel!
Example: A new user signs up on Telega.io using your affiliate link. They make orders on several Telegram channels and pay $4,000 for all placements. Your reward is $156 ($4,000*0.033).
Example #2: You invite a Telegram channel owner and each month they sell ads for $2000-$3000. In this case, you receive $30-$45 monthly.

How can I receive my affiliate reward?

After the advertiser pays for the placement, the reward amount will appear on your balance. You can withdraw the reward amount to your card, e-wallet or Crypto. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. At the same time, you can use this money to buy ads on Telega.io.

How long is an affiliate link valid for?

Each affiliate link is valid forever! You will receive affiliate rewards from each registered client and channel owner for two years from the date.

Where do I share my affiliate link?

You can place the affiliate link on your YouTube channel, Telegram chat or channel, personal blog, website, etc. You can share links with your friends, colleagues, or followers. You are free to promote Telega.io with your affiliate link in any reasonable way!

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